Duration: 1 year

Adults £45
Children £60 (2yrs+)


Unlimited Visits

Free Access to Events

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Do you have questions? Email memberships@animal-farm.co.uk


Last entry for all customers, including members is currently 4.30pm in Summer, 4pm out of season.

Please call ahead out of season if you are looking to visit in the afternoon to ensure we are open. 

  Winter Opening

We may close some periods during our winter period Nov, Dec & Jan for maintenance works etc please call ahead to ensure we are open at the time of your intended visits. 01278 751628

We reserve the right to close for Health & Safety reasons. This would be a last resort, and extremely rare.

Photo membership cards are required for all memberships. Please e-mail photos & member details to info@animal-farm.co.uk

1.The DIRECT DEBIT MEMBERSHIP is offered for a minimum of 12 months. 

2. The Direct Debit contract will commence on the date stated under Date
of First Direct Debit. If you wish to terminate your Direct Debit membership
agreement you must do so in writing to Memberships Team, Animal Farm Adventure Park, Red Road, Berrow, Somerset, TA8 2RW. Terminations will be subject to a single cancellation fee equivalent to 3 monthly payments where membership is cancelled during the first 12 months of the contract from the Date of First Direct Debit. If the termination process is not followed credit
agencies will be informed.

3. Direct Debit payments will continue beyond 12 months until such time as you
advise us in writing of your intention to cancel. Please notify us at least 14
days before your Direct Debit due date in writing to Memberships Team, Animal Farm Adventure Park. Members are advised to take steps to cancel their direct debit thereafter.

4. If you cancel your membership for any reason, it will be necessary to pay a
further administration fee when you restart.

5. In exceptional circumstances, e.g. injury, you may be allowed to defer your
membership for an agreed period (up to a maximum of 6 months). This request must be made to Memberships Team, Animal Farm Adventure Park, stating the reason for deferral and including supporting medical evidence. We reserve the right to decline your application, or apply an administration fee. Any such period deferred will not form any part of the contracted minimum number of payments.

6. We will write to inform you a minimum of one week in advance before the introduction of any price adjustment. Please inform us of changes to your personal details such as address, telephone number, email address so that these communications may be made.

7. Animal Farm Adventure Park reserves the right to adjust or amend the terms and conditions as necessary without prior notice. Members are requested to adhere to the terms and conditions of use. 

8. We reserve the right to cancel a membership if these conditions are not adhered to or if payments are missed.

9. We also reserve the right refuse or Cancel a membership at any given time.

10. Park rules, and instructions must be followed at all times. Failure to follow rules, and dangerous behaviour could lead to cancellation of membership, with the appropriate charges. 

You can now purchase memberships as a gift for a friend or family member! Either by Direct Debit, or payment in full at www.animalfarmadventurepark.ecwid.com 

Terms and Conditions

Membership to Animal Farm Adventure Park is an arrangement between the company (AGL Attractions Ltd) and the customer. This arrangement is agreed by the customer through the completion of a membership form and the submission of information. In return the company will offer benefits attributed to membership. These are:

•           Access to Animal Farm Adventure Park facilities for a period of a year (12 months) without additional charge for those persons names on the membership agreement only.

•           Free entry for major special events, such as Kidsfest, Firework Nights and similar events. Animal Farm Adventure reserves the right to add new events to our calendar which are not included in memberships, including private events, or events run by outside companies. .

•           Some attractions may be additional cost.


•           The membership to Animal Farm Adventure Park is conditional and may be withdrawn by the company for infringement of the conditions.

•           The membership is an arrangement between those persons named on the application and the company.

•           The membership is not transferable.

•           Each member of the family must have their photo on their own membership card. Photos may be taken onsite, or e-mailed to info@animal-farm.co.uk

•           The membership card remains the property of the company and if lost will be replaced at a cost of £5 chargeable to the member.

•           The company can extract information gathered from the membership card and hold it for exclusive use in accordance to the Data Protection Act.

•           All information supplied by the customer will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

•           The company retain the right to refuse membership.

•           The membership must be presented on demand, when entering Animal Farm Adventure Park. Failure to produce membership card, full entrance price will be charged. You must have your receipt validated by a senior member of staff to receive a refund on this admission on next visit at the managments discretion.

Children must behave sensibly and safely and be supervised at all times for the duration of their visit to Animal Farm Adventure Park.