Animal Rescue

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Animal Rescue

Due to unprecedented numbers of animals in need during the lockdown, Animal Farm Adventure Park is proud to be rehoming animals from across the country. We've been providing urgent care for animals needing emergency homes, building new enclosures around the clock to ensure the best level of care for animals, injured or abandoned.

Our new Black Fox enclosure hosts 4 of our rescue foxes: Wilf, Kit, Luna & Kiera. Luna was abandoned in Wales, then lost her leg in an illegal snare trap, likely set up to catch her for her distinctive black fur, a story you can follow on BBC news.

We rescued Luna in March 2021, and our Keepers have dedicated their time to her recovery & rehabilitation. Watch Luna finally being released into the giant fox enclosure, and meeting Wilf & Kit in the video to the left.

We rescue animals and care for rare breeds. We have black foxes, wallabies, raccoons, Manx Loughtans & Castlemilk successful breeding programs.

Meet our Wallaby babies (Joeys) including Olaf, our albino baby!

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We are at the most testing time in the history of Animal Farm, a country park that first opened in 1984, it has never faced the problems of 2020 and into 2021. 

After weeks of storm and flood damage, and now the outbreak of Coronavirus / Covid-19. With much of our income being from holidaymakers, the recent lockdowns have left us facing serious issues. 

With over 250 animals onsite, including George the Raccoon, llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep, rabbits, degus, chipmunks, a vast collection of reptiles & bugs,

and we are expecting the births imminently from our llamas, alpacas, horses, sheep & rabbits, we must ensure we can provide the best care, attention & food during these difficult times, however long it may be.

Please help support our lovely animals, and enable them to remain unaffected by what this year has brought.

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