About our Animals

Get To Know Our Friendly Animals!

Treat your children to an educational, fun animal handling session and meet our friendly farm animals. At Animal Farm Adventure Park, in Berrow, Somerset, we are home to a variety of fascinating animals, including furry animals and scaly reptiles, and provide handling sessions that are suitable for guests of all ages.


Egyptian mongoose Racoon Fox Peacock

Man Holding Snake

Handle Our Scaly Friends

Explore your curiosity and embrace your braver side by handling our exotic animals. We offer a variety of unusual yet friendly animals, including snakes, creepy crawlies, and even bearded dragons. The more courageous types usually prefer to handle these animals themselves, however alternatively you may admire our exotic animals from afar. These sessions run at 12.30pm, 2.30pm, and 4.00 pm. Our exotic collection features:

Boa Constrictors | LizardsBearded Dragons | Blue Tongued Skink  | Water Dragons | Californain King Snake | Corn Snake | Giant Sulcata Tortoises | Terrapins | Baby Tortoises | Hermann's Tortoise 

Meet Our Friendly Ferrets

Join in with our livelier animals by participating in our fun, hands-on activities. We encourage you to watch our ferrets explore their own adventure playground, where you will learn fascinating facts. 

Contact us now, to discover more about our fun animal handling sessions and farm animals.